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Helping members find the right care at the right time with helpful conversation starters to have with their doctors.

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When Do I Need a Vitamin D Test?

Dec. 12, 2019: Vitamin D is one of the important vitamins our bodies need to be healthy. Talk to your doctor about boosting your vitamin D with sun exposure, food and supplements before having a vitamin D test. 


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What to Do If You Experience Lower Back Pain

Nov. 14, 2019: Thousands of South Carolinians see doctors each year for lower back pain. It is important to know what kind of care to seek when you experience this kind of pain and to know the questions to ask your doctor. 


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Helping Patients Get the Right Care

Oct. 3, 2019: Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor. A campaign supported by BlueCross aims to provide patients resources to jumpstart conversations with their doctors.


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