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Identifying health issues early can prevent serious illness and help save you money. This benefit, worth more than $300, allows you and your covered spouse to receive a biometric screening at no cost. The screening includes a health risk appraisal, blood pressure screening, height and weight measurements, and blood work and lipid panels. Have your adult well visit after your preventive screening and share your results with your network provider to eliminate the need for retesting at a well visit. Sharing your results will minimize the cost of your adult well visit.

There are three ways to take advantage of this benefit:

  1. Attend a preventive worksite screening. Contact your benefits office to see if a screening is scheduled at your worksite.
  2. Attend a regional preventive screening. If your worksite doesn’t offer a screening, or if you missed it, you can register for a regional screening that PEBA hosts. Visit www.peba.sc.gov/peba-perks to find a screening near you.
  3. Visit a participating screening provider. Many providers offer the screening. Visit www.peba.sc.gov/peba-perks to find a screening provider near you.

No matter how you take advantage of this benefit, you will receive a confidential report, which will include required tests and appraisals. Some screening providers may provide more results above the minimum requirements. Participating screening providers may also offer optional tests for an extra fee. You may contact the screening provider about your out-of-pocket expenses associated with these tests. Please note, optional tests may vary based on screening provider.

Preventive Screening Resources:

Participating Preventive Screening Providers

Preventive Screening Voucher 

Regional Screening Schedule

After your screening: Now what?

You might have questions about your screening results and what they mean. Here's some information that could help. Be sure to talk to your health care provider for details and directions.

Health Coaching

Concerned about a chronic health problem? Having your own personal health coach could help you get on track with your health. Check out our Health Coaching page for details. Or call the health coaching team at 855.838.5897.

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