State Health Plan Benefits

Flu Vaccine

Get a flu vaccine at no cost to you!

Getting a flu vaccine can help you protect your health, your wallet and your world. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), avoiding one bout of flu could save you an average of $130 in out-of-pocket expenses. It will not only help protect you — you’ll be a hero to those around you, including those who are immune-compromised, pregnant, with children under 6 months of age and with chronic illnesses. Even if you get the flu this season, the flu vaccine can reduce the severity of your symptoms and the length of your illness.

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Shingles Vaccine

State Health Plan (SHP) medical providers cover the shingles vaccine as an in-network pharmacy benefit through BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina.

When a member receives the vaccine at an in-network provider, the SHP will cover the vaccine and the administration fee in the doctor’s office. The SHP will not, however, cover the office visit.

The SHP will cover the vaccine and administration fee at no cost to members ages 60 and older. Members can also get the vaccination at a network pharmacy and have the shot administered at a network doctor’s office. If they get the shot from a pharmacy and it is administered in the doctor’s office, SHP will not cover the cost associated with the office visit or shot, but will cover the administration fee.

Well-Child Care

Well-child care benefits promote good health and aid in the early detection and prevention of illness in children enrolled in the SHP. 

Mammography Program for Women

We cover routine mammograms at 100 percent as long as you use a participating facility and meet eligibility requirements.

Pap Test Program

The plan only covers the cost of the lab work associated with a Pap test each calendar year, without any requirement for a deductible or coinsurance, for covered women ages 18 through 65.

Colorectal Cancer Screenings

These procedures can find colon growths before they develop into cancer, allowing doctor to remove them before they threaten your life. If you’re a SHP primary member, beginning at age 50, you can get both routine and diagnostic colonoscopies at no charge at a participating network provider. Those under age 50 can get a diagnostic colonoscopy ordered by a network provider at no charge. This means no copay and no requirement that you must first meet a deductible. You also qualify for an early detection test you can take at home and submit by mail. It’s convenient — and again, there’s no cost to you.