Flu Vaccine

Getting a flu vaccine can help you protect your health, your wallet and your world. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), avoiding one bout of flu could save you an average of $130 in out-of-pocket expenses. It will not only help protect you — you’ll be a hero to those around you, including those who are immune-compromised, pregnant, those with children under 6 months of age and those with chronic illnesses. Even if you get the flu this season, the flu vaccine can reduce the severity of your symptoms and the length of your illness.

The vaccine and administration fee are covered at no cost to you. Members can get the vaccination at a network pharmacy or at a network doctor’s office. When a member receives the vaccine at an in-network provider, the vaccine and the administration fee in the doctor’s office are covered, although the office visit is not.

The CDC is an independent organization that provides health information on behalf of your health plan.