Diabetes education

Diabetes can be difficult to manage. If you've been diagnosed, you may have questions about the best choices for your health.

Diabetes education from a certified diabetes educator is offered at no charge to State Health Plan primary members.

Diabetes education helps members understand more about their condition and how to better manage it to avoid diabetes-related complications.

A diabetes educator can answer questions and talk about the importance of regular exercise and healthy eating. The educator will also encourage you to stick with your medication treatment plans, get regular lab tests as needed and keep follow-up appointments with your health care team.

A diabetes educator can also help you understand how important it is to communicate clearly with members of your health care team. This helps you play an active role in your care. Your team might include your primary care physician, a dietitian, an ophthalmologist, a health coach and others.

Talk to your network physician if you have diabetes or think you may be at risk. Let your doctor know you're interested in meeting with a diabetes educator and he or she can refer you to a diabetes educator.

If you have diabetes, you may qualify for No-Pay Copay, which provides generic medicine to treat your condition at no cost to you.  Learn more about No-Pay Copay.

You can also get one-on-one coaching from a health coach to help you manage diabetes. For details, call 855-838-5897