Preventive Screening

Did you know that you may be eligible for a free preventive health screening worth more than $300? If your primary coverage is the State Health Plan, you can participate in a worksite preventive screening.

Your screening will include blood work, a health risk appraisal, height and weight measurements, blood pressure check and lipid panels. After the screening, you will receive a confidential report with your results that you can share with your doctor who will help identify health risks.

Want some more good news? Covered spouses are eligible for this free benefit, too! Talk to your benefits administrator to see if a screening has been scheduled at your worksite. If there isn’t a worksite screening scheduled, encourage your worksite to host one. If you are unable to attend a worksite screening, the Public Employee Benefit Authority (PEBA) also offers regional screenings. And for even more convenience, many providers throughout South Carolina offer screenings. Learn more about how to schedule your preventive screening, as well as other free initiatives, at


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