Rally® can help you get healthier one step at a time. Rally is a product of Rally Health Inc., an independent company that provides a digital health platform on behalf of the State Health Plan. As a State Health Plan primary member, you have access to Rally at no cost to you.

Rally will show you how to make simple changes to your daily routine, set smart goals for yourself and stay on target. It will give you personalized recommendations to get you moving more, eating better and feeling happier — and you'll have fun doing it.

Start with Rally's quick Health Survey. It will tell you your Rally Age, a measure of your overall health, and recommend Missions for you — simple activities designed to improve your diet, your fitness and your mood. Start easy and level up when you're ready.

Plus, on Rally as you complete these simple activities, you earn Rally Coins. You can exchange the coins for a chance to win exciting rewards. Rack up coins for joining Missions, pushing yourself in a Challenge — even just for logging in!

To learn more about Rally, check out the Rally FAQs.

To register for Rally, log in to My Health Toolkit®, click the Wellness tab, and select Rally. Then click the Sign up for Rally Now! link. This will take you to the Rally health portal. From there, just follow the instructions to register and take the brief health survey.