Unstress for Success: Health Coaching Can Help

How can you have a stress-free life? You can’t — but by managing your stress, you can lessen its effects on your health and well-being.

One strategy that could help: connecting with a health coach through the stress management program. There’s no cost to State Health Plan primary members, and it’s easy to enroll. Whatever the cause of your stress, you need a plan to deal with it. Your coach — an experienced health care professional — will help you assess your stress level and develop a personalized plan to cope more successfully.

While everyone has stress, not everyone understands it. You might think stress only comes with hardship, loss, illness and personal crises. But even some things that are positive — like taking on a new job, getting married or becoming a parent — can also be stressful, because they involve major changes in people’s lives.

Connect today!

Call a personal health coach for stress management at 855-838-5897.

You can also get motivational help and useful stress management information from Rally®. Rally is a product of Rally Health Inc., an independent company that provides a digital health platform on behalf of your health plan. As a State Health Plan primary member, you have a membership to Rally, at no cost to you. Learn how to sign up for Rally.