Well-child Benefits


Well-child benefits, including checkups and immunizations, aim to promote good health and both early detection and prevention of illness in children enrolled in the State Health Plan. Covered children are eligible for well child care exams until they turn age 19.

  • Under a year (up to six visits)
  • 1 year old (up to three visits)
  • 2 years old (up to two visits)
  • 3 years old until he or she turns 19 years old (one visit a year).

The well-child care exam must occur after the child’s birthday.


Immunizations are one of the best ways that parents can help protect their children from serious diseases and illnesses that could be life threatening. The State Health Plan covers services specific to certain ages as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for infants, children and teens. Talk to your health care provider about a schedule of immunizations to offer your child the best shot at a healthy future – at no cost to you.

Immunizations and administrative fees are covered at no cost to you. When a member receives the vaccine at an in-network provider, the vaccine and the administration fee in the doctor’s office are covered, although the office visit is not.